Lysi by ~silentsparrow~ for WILD.Released

Meet Lysi. Lysi is the ~silentsparrow~ prize for the WILD.Released hunt, and I think I might have a small crush on her.

Lysi ~silentsparrow~ Wild Released

Lysi is a very versatile outfit which includes 2 skirt options (the bustled dance skirts and the shorter skirt), a leather vest which can be worn with or without the cream undershirt with cuffs, panties, stockings and fingerless gloves.

Lysi ~silentsparrow~ Wild Released

Lysi will be available in the WILD.Released stamp hunt.

Lysi by ~silentsparrow~ (not available in store, reward in the WILD.Released stamp hunt starting March 20th)

Green II hair by Maitreya
Misty pale skin by League
Aepyceros Horns by Illusions
Faun legs by Titania’s Court

First pose by Sunflower Poses
Second pose by Flowey


~ by Marjolein on March 18, 2010.

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