Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a Faery who took pleasure in creating the most magical things in her own little workshop. She already created the moon, lovely shiny bubbles for her to sit and many other magical items. The little Faery was known for her frequent epiphanies and as she was flying around her workshop picking up some books scattered all over the place, she suddenly thought: “I need to tell people a story, not in words but in images…I want them to be part of the story!” The Faery started drawing, building and writing for many days and some nights as well until her project was finally finished and Faery felt like sleeping at least a thousand years.

I’d love to show you a part of Faery Sola’s latest epiphany: “The Tale of Snow White”. A magical pose prop which takes you to a story about true love and how you really shouldn’t eat apples.

The Tale of Snow White

Do I really need to tell you the tale? Girl eats apple, ends up pretty much dead till her prince comes to kiss her gorgeous red lips and she awakens.

The Tale of Snow White

Those who knew the Faery also knew they had to be aware. Faery was bound to add a little bit of fairy mischief to the story. Want to discover what she did? Get “The Tale of Snow White” in the WILD.Released stamp hunt and find out!

The Tale of Snow White by Studio Sidhe (not available in store, reward in the WILD.Released stamp hunt starting March 20th)

“Varda” Rose Crown by Illusions (which is scripted, awesome and also a prize in WILD.Released expect a detailed blogpost about it soon!)

Female skin by Tuli, Eva in tone 1.
Hair by TRUTH
Dress by Evie’s Closet


~ by Marjolein on March 19, 2010.

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