Virtual Roses…

I dare to say I’ve found the most gorgeous roses in SL 🙂 Take a look at the pics below and you’re bound to agree. I can’t even imagine how much time Siyu Suen of Illusions spent on the textures and colors of the roses, the shapes of the petals and leaves… It’s one of those things which clearly show how dedicated the designer is to a certain project.

Varda Crown bij Illusions

There are 36(!) different colors for the rose petals. Most of them incredibly realistic and so much like real roses. Others more of a fantasy color  which make me wish I could actually buy roses in that colors in RL.
The leaves and stem come in 6 different textures, variating from rich green shades to more red-ish colors and even black and white.

Varda Crown Detail (unedited snapshot)

Want these roses? You can find a full range of Varda jewelry and accessories at the Illusions main store. The crown, however, is exclusive to the WILD.Released stamp hunt!

“Varda” Rose Crown and “Varda” Necklace by Illusions
The necklace can be bought at Illusions, the crown is a WILD.Released prize.


Female skin by Tuli, Eva in tone 2. (Eva is Tuli’s latest skin release and I ❤ it)
Green II hair by Maitreya


~ by Marjolein on March 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Virtual Roses…”

  1. Where is the station to get prizes after you have all the stamps?

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