Information for Stamp Hunters

Welcome to the WILD.Released Stamp Hunt!

What do I have to do?

  1. Purchase an item/s from one of the participating stores. Full list of stores can be found here and in the list of participants to your right. Look for items with the WILD.Released logo shown on the vendor. This logo indicates that the vendor contains not only your new item but also a stamp card HUD as well as these instructions 🙂
  2. Wear the card. By default, it attaches to the Center2 HUD point, but you may attach it to any HUD point, or even wear it on your body.
  3. Now visit each of the participating stores and find the stamping station. You will be looking for a station like this one:
    wild.released stamping station
  4. Stand close to the stamp station and then touch the hunt card then the stamp station. The store’s logo should appear on your card, showing it was validated.
    *** If you have multiple hunt cards attached, you may touch all of them before touching the validator device.***
  5. Move on to the next store till you have visited them all. Full list of Store URL’s is here.
  6. Once you have filled your card, you are ready to redeem it for a free gift. One gift per card. You may of course obtain several cards by purchasing several items which contain them, at any of the participating stores.

How to Redeem Your Gift (please read ALL of these instructions before you redeem your gift):

***To see all the gifts on offer go here***

  1. To redeem your gift, make you way to the hunt redemption kiosk here
    The hunt redemption kiosk will look like this:
    wild.released Hunt redemption kiosk
    IMPORTANT! –  Do NOT attempt to redeem them all at the same time. Wear ONE, redeem it, then detach it, and wear the next. Attempting to redeem several at once will result in them all being voided and only one gift being delivered. Under no circumstances will additional gifts be given you if you have tried to redeem more than one at a time.
  2. Make sure no one else is using it. Look at the gifts displayed and see which you would like. When you have chosen, touch your hunt card, and then the redemption kiosk. If your card has been properly validated at all stores, it will be voided (it will fill with black circles), and you will be asked to touch the picture of the gift you wish to receive. (You have 2 minutes to do so.) Barring SL issues, you should receive it in a few moments. The voided hunt card is now useless and can be deleted.
    ***Please note that hunt organizers and store owners cannot be held responsible for SL issues, such as region crashes, or if you crash between selecting the gift and it being delivered. Store owners will have logs of attempted deliveries, but do NOT expect them to be 100% reliable. Nothing in SL is.***
  3. If you have more than one card; wear the next card and repeat steps 1 and 2. Do this until you have redeemed all of your gifts.

Thank you for participating in the first of the WILD.Released events. We very much hope you enjoyed it and had fun exploring the awesome stores that participated  and browsed their wonderful and original creations! 😀 


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  2. […] Information for Stamp Hunters […]

  3. […] Information for Stamp Hunters […]

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